Martha Lake Interior Painting

Wall painting requires great attention especially Interior painting. Therefore, homeowners are required to know everything about painting like different types of paint, suitable surfaces, their characteristics, working with an experienced painter and so on. Therefore, knowing all this makes it very easy to make the right choices and prevent you from spending out of a budget. For this reason, this article is written to enlighten homeowners.

Matte Enamel

This type of paint looks like the matte paint both in look and in applications. The only difference is that it’s more durable than the matte paint. However, for homeowners who want paints that are easy to clean and doesn’t require retouching, this type of paint is the most suitable. In addition, it doesn’t get dirty easily and because of this, it is suitable in areas where you’re required to clean and wipe the wall always like the kitchen and for those who are having young children.


Satin is the most popular type of interior paint but only a few people (experts) understands how it works. Like the Matte Enamel, It’s also suitable for areas where cleaning the wall is required always because when it’s applied on the wall it looks like matte and gloss and it produces a low soft sheen. However, it’s the only disadvantage is that it shouldn’t be used on walls with imperfection because it going to makes it look obvious.


This is one of the most suitable and the most acceptable type of interior paint because it’s very easy to use and it requires only a single coat to cover an area well. Therefore, this makes it the most suitable paint for those on a budget. In addition, it’s very delicate because of it shiny finishes and unlike the satin paint, it doesn’t expose imperfection because it doesn’t require the same smoothness like the satin.

Gloss Paint

Gloss paint is the most common interior wall paint after the matte paint and can be used on all walls. However, since it requires more than a single coat before it reaches an even coverage and this makes it more costly than the others; therefore, most people prefer to use it on woodworks because of it shiny property. Also, it doesn’t show imperfection on walls.

Matte Paint

This is the commonest among the various types of interior paints. However, because it doesn’t shine, it remains the most suitable choice in areas where the homeowner doesn’t want visual distractions like the ceiling or bedroom. Although it can take more than a single coat to produce a solid color on the wall but it’s easy to apply and can cover imperfection. Moreover, it gets dirty easily and requires regular retouching to make it remain neat and attractive.

Semi-gloss Paint

The Semi-gloss is also common and as it name implies, It resembles the gloss paint. Although it can be used on walls but it’s best preferred and suitable to be used on trims because it produces hard finish and this makes it appropriate for heavy use. In addition, it can be clean with soap and water and with a single coat; you can get an even covering.


These are the types of interior paints available. For more information and help on how to make the right choices, you can contact the best Martha Lake Painter at Get Er Done Construction and Painting.